Vision and Mission Statements

Our vision at Hope is to be a “Christ Centered Community”

Christ is Who you need to Know

Community is Who you need to Grow

Our prayerful desire is to help god’s people, discover God’s best for their lives, to God’s Glory.


“When Caring, Sharing, and Preparing God’s people, you will discover God’s best for your life to His Glory.”

Hope is a threefold ministry of: Caring, Sharing, and Preparing.


At Hope, we care about each and every one of God’s children. We believe that God empowers and uses His church to care for His Children.

We care about each “alley” of your families’ lives. We believe that how well each person is doing spiritually, relationally, physically, emotionally and eternally matters to our Lord. We recognize the Lord cares about every “alley” of our lives and that there is not any “alley” that our Lord would not walk down with us to help fulfill God’s eternal purposes.

Our prayer is that your family will fell well cared for while at Hope.


At Hope, we place the highest value on Sharing God’s Word with your family. Our teaching is primarily expository, through the Word of God, verse-by-verse, chapter by chapter, and book-by-book.

We share our lives with you as a community of Christ’s followers. We know that what we experience in life can be of good encouragement to others. At Hope we look to share the load of life burdens with your family, experientially, and help one another, in Christ, with compassion and benevolence.

Our prayer is for Hope to be a community that your family feels cared for and is assured that there is no load too heavy and that we, the Church, would do our best to share in it with you to lift its heavy burden.


At Hope, we are committed to preparing you and your family for eternity and, at present, fulfilling God’s destiny each day as part of the duty of the Church.

We realize that life is but a vapor. Simply said, none of us knows when we will step over the threshold of eternity. At Hope, you will be equipped and prepared for what the Lord has ahead. By applying God’s Word, and seeking God’s will both individually and corporately, we believe we will be prepared in life’s decisions.