Vision Statement

“Our greatest hope is to lead children to becoming fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.”

We liken our ministry to an adventure for kids from birth to 5th grade on a values TRAIN in the Lord. Jesus loved the little children and drew them near to Himself, and we at Hope Christian Church want to do so as well. With God’s word as our highest priority, we have created an environment within Children’s Ministry that will allow Hope Full Kids to learn at their own pace, connect at their own level, and have fun at their church.

Our mission is to make disciples by partnering with parents in the Caring, Sharing, and Preparing of Hope Full Kids so that they can discover God’s best to His glory. In order to do this, we provide teachers who emphasize love, assistants for extra attention, rooms that are clean and orderly, procedures that are safe, and an age-appropriate Bible-based curriculum that will excite them about what they are learning. It is our prayer that your children will be part of a biblical adventure that will “train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart form it” (Proverbs 22:6).

Our values are understood by the acronym:



We believe that God’s word is foundational truth, and it is our heart to train every kid to use it as their guide, authority and conscience in everything pertain to their lives.


We believe that life-change happens best in the context of relationships, especially those that are in the context of a Christ Centered Community. Gifted, godly, pure and passionate adults who exhibit Christ to children, their families and each other will show kids how to do the same. This modeling by our volunteers will impact our Hope Full Kids and God’s kingdom for generations to come.


We believe that church is FUN and that it would be a tragedy to make the Gospel of Jesus Christ boring. Therefore, we commit ourselves to experiencing the joy of the Lord and challenging our kids to go beyond the boring “rules of a typical church structure” toward a vibrant growing relationship with Jesus Christ.


We believe in inspiring our Hope Full Kids to greatness by pursuing excellence in our programs. This will require taking risks in our attempts to innovate in the classroom and events, but we will ruthlessly examine our ways in order to remain biblical, relevant and effective.


We believe that spiritual growth happens best in an atmosphere of emotional safety, physical security and sanitary conditions. We are committed to exceptional standards, high quality and attention to detail in all of these areas.

Our offerings:

Early Childhood Ministry (Infants to 3 years)

K-Kids (4 years to 6 years)

Full-Kids (7 years to 11 years)